How to care for a newborn’s skin?

A newborn’s skin is the most delicate skin you will ever touch. Almost nothing in this world can beat that experience. Their skin is almost five times thinner than ours. Imagine the difference between the skin care regime. Their delicate skin needs a lot of care and attention and here’s how you give it –


  1. Shun the harsh sun: While the morning rays are full of the sunshine vitamin but the later hours can be harmful for you and of course, for the baby. If you need to go out with the baby, make sure most of its parts are covered.


  1. Skip most bath times: For us grownups, the idea of skipping a bath seems gross, but this isn’t applicable for your little one. Precisely twice a week is more than enough. Consider sponging the diaper area, mouth and any skin folds (armpits, thighs) rather than bathing the baby every day. Also while giving a bath, choose a mild liquid cleanser that won’t dry out your baby’s skin or sting in the eyes. Soap-free liquid cleansers or cleansing bars that are both fragrance- and dye-free are preferred.


  1. Pamper the sensitive diaper area: Diapered skin is often wet, exposed to a lot of friction from rubbing and then there’s the poop which can irritate a baby’s skin. To take care of this sensitive area, change the diaper often. Cleanse the area gently with disposable wipes – Buy curash baby wipes. That are alcohol and fragrance-free, or use a damp washcloth. Always cover the nappy area using a nappy rash cream/ balm before putting on a new diaper. It helps keep your little one’s skin from getting too wet and raw. Buy Curash diaper cream here


  1. Never skip the moisture: The newborn’s skin is more vulnerable than our skin. It is delicate and needs to be moisture locked all the times. They need more moisturisation than yours. Use a fragrance-free emollient cream or ointment immediately after the bath to keep dryness at bay. Try Baby Sebamed Baby Lotion which guarantees to maintain the hydrobalance and safeguard the skin against harsh dryness.


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How to not miss a medicine dose?

For anyone who has to manage multiple medications, the idea of missing a dose is not less than a nightmare…Or worse, if they mix up medications and take the wrong ones at the wrong time, it can be even more scarier. Taking prescribed medicines in the right way at the right time is important to your well being; however, it’s easy to make mistakes without even realising it.

If you look at the statistics, the number of people put on repeat medication in the UK alone exceed are 14.6 million, of which, 11.6 million are above the age of 65 years. It is known that 50% among these skip medicines and hence causing loss of £500 million every year (the percentage increases with both age and the number of medicines prescribed).

Stick to these tips along with use of repeat prescription services and you will never miss a dose:

  1. Devise a medication plan: Prepare a list of all your medication, the frequency of doses and what they’re for. Plan out what medication you need to take each day including the timings. Keep a copy of your plan handy and share it with your GP and pharmacist. Also make a note of any side effects you experience.
  2. Opt for Repeat Prescription services: Repeat Prescription services permit a patient to re-order the ongoing set of medication without having to visit a doctor. Not only does it save time and energy, but also ensures that you never run out of a dose. You can order a repeat prescription service from reputed online pharmacies like Pharmacy 360 which is based in Leicester.
  3. Try a reminder app: It’s easier if you’re a tech savvy. Many companies have started to develop apps that are easily available on Google Play store and will remind you to take medication on time. Medisafe Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker is one such app that never lets you skip a single dose and even reminds you when to refill. Download here.
  4. Switch to a ‘pill’ organiser: If you’re take multiple medicines every day, pill organisers or ‘Dosette’ type boxes can be helpful. The boxes come with various colourful compartments that you can fill it yourself, or with assistance from family and caretakers.