Antimalarial medication – the key to remain safe

Malaria is a serious disease throughout the world with adverse effects, caused by a parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. Prompt medication ensures a complete recovery. In contrast, the situation can get out of control when you fail to seek proper antimalarial medication. The UK is the biggest importer of malaria. Therefore it only takes one bite from a mosquito to get the infection in Leicester.

A high fever for a prolonged period could be a sign of malaria. Keep in mind that it has no vaccination and therefore, you have to use the antimalarial medication. Furthermore, you should maintain the correct dose and adhere to the physician’s prescription.

The basis for the prescription of the antimalarial medication

  • Age category- child and adult dosage differ due to their weight. It helps in preventing overdose that might result in serious complications.
  • Previous problems experienced from taking the antimalarial medicines.
  • Family medical history- you will provide relevant information whether any of your family members has experienced malaria previously and whether you have any record of the associated allergies.
  • Pregnancy- most pregnant women experience side effects that affect them together with the fetus. Therefore, there are some antimalarials particularly suitable for their medication.
  • The current drugs that you are taking- combinations of antimalarial medications can result in drug resistance. In that case, a single drug can overcome the strains of the disease in your blood stream.

Below are the variety types of antimalarial medication in Leicester:-

Atovaquone plus proguanil

It remains to be the most expensive antimalarial medication. However, it is worth the amount due to its treatment effectiveness. Both children and adults have different dosage which can run up to one week. On the negative, it has mild side effects such as headaches and skin rash.


Doxycycline is cheaper than Atovaquone but with an extended dosage period amounting to four weeks. However, this medication limits a category of people due to its severe side effects. Pregnant women and children are recommended to avoid taking the drug due to heartburn and sunburn. Provided you adhere to the prescriptions, you can minimize the adverse effects.

Before you step into an disease infested country, make sure you are up to date with your vaccines and medications so that you may have a safe journey.

Why is an online chemist facility preferred?

One of the important innovations in medicine is the development of an online drug store. With this creation, you get an opportunity to shop and buy quality health products at your convenience. It is important to realize that you might be having a busy work routine hence find a difficulty visiting a chemist.

Personally, I love an online chemist facility since I can get prescription drugs at a lower price and get them delivered at my doorstep. Such places contain relevant health information about their products and thus, their increasing popularity in the world.

The Leicester based online chemist Pharmacy 360 offers popular brand categories such as pregnancy products, sexual health, general medicines, baby products, beauty, and feminine product. More important about the range of goods is that they are genuine and satisfied by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Below are some advantages of buying from an online chemist.

  1. It has a special offer on sales. Among them includes discounts and after sales services such as delivery of the product at your doorstep. Therefore, you save a considerable amount of money. All you need to have is an internet connection to surf online for the product.
  2. They are less expensive with better prices. An online chemist considers your aggressive budget for its pharmaceutical products. They have affordable price rates compared to local chemists.
  3. They offer a broad range of health products under one store. By just a click, you can get whatever prescription needed for both men and women. An online chemist is your better choice if you consider obtaining all essential products by just a click.

However, you should exercise caution before buying your prescription online. Do some research and purchase from a reputed online registered pharmacist. Most online stores want quick money hence the lack of a genuine website with fake product listings. A legitimate pharmacy guarantees your protection from scam hence enhance a long term relationship.

With all said, I can admit that Online Chemists is a simple and quick way of purchasing pharmacy products. Click here to place an order from your online chemist.

Benefits of online doctor service

Some of your health issues might be so embarrassing that having to communicate with a doctor in a face to face conversation might prove futile. Thanks to the internet that gives you a chance to meet online experts whether at night, during the day, when travelling, or in the comfort of your home.

Such doctors have increased your convenience by giving you appropriate medical advice in today’s busy world that can deny you a chance to visit a doctor physically. The method they use is a live video call, images, phone calls, and instant messaging to allow swift communication.

Most online doctors are available 24 hours, all seven days. They access your condition by asking questions before providing their prescription.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency controls the Leicester Online Doctors. Therefore, expect a standard and confidential approach in your online medical consultations and tests.


What types of assistance can you get from an online doctor?

They provide support to highly confidential illness such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, STI treatments, and contraceptive pills.

The doctor’s significant experience in their respective fields can help you treat common communicable diseases such as colds, flu, rashes, sore throats, and coughs among others.

What is the importance of an online doctor?

  1. You don’t need a scheduled appointment– to be honest you don’t need to wait for long before getting help from an online doctor. Life keeps moving forward, and thus the doctor ensures prompt services on your terms.
  2. The consultations reduce your personal healthcare bills– you can seek medical consultations in your non-emergent illness such as allergies and skin infections at both practical and affordable standards. However, using this service if you have a long-term non-emergent illness can be a costly fair.
  3. Cheap compared to over the counter prescriptions– most of the online experts have a global structure universally accepted thus offer medications at the best prices.

Limits the time wastage– as a patient, you save a lot of time when you visit an online doctor. You can order online prescription through your laptop from the comfort of your home thus saving you the traveling time.