How to prevent Malaria while travelling

Malaria is one of the most dreadful diseases caused by mosquito bite. The chances of one contracting malaria especially while travelling to developing nations is very high. To avoid the risk of malaria and to have a safe journey, we have for you few tips to protect yourself from Malaria.

  1. Determine the level of risk

Consider all these factors: The time of year you are travelling, the duration of your stay, the activities you plan to do and where you will be staying. The risk for an infection can vary considerably, even within a single country. Successful malaria prophylaxis depends on your knowledge – make sure you are in the know before you go.

  1. Always use a bed-net impregnated with insecticides

Make sure to use a proper net and keep it properly tucked underneath your mattress. The room itself should have additional nets attached to the windows and doors. Switch on the air conditioning, as mosquitoes tend to stay out of cool, air-conditioned rooms.

  1. Never skip the mosquito repellent

Use an insect spray containing pyrethroids in all living and sleeping areas, especially during evening and nighttime hours.

  1. Sunscreen comes first – repellent second

If you are using sunscreen, it should be applied first and the insect repellent second. The repellent will not work if you cover it with a thick layer of sunscreen. Alternatively, use a sunscreen that contains a repellent.

  1. Are you at risk? – Get an antimalarial (if necessary)

Depending on the overall malaria risk at your destination, it might be necessary to practise malaria prophylaxis, either on a daily or a weekly basis. Your search for the right antimalarial medication ends here. While travelling, you must carry antimalarial medication since it prevents you from being a victim especially when you travel to areas with higher risk of malaria.

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